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About FLaReNet

Thematic Areas and Working Groups

FLaReNet is organized into five Thematic Areas:

    • the Chart for the area of LRs and LT in its different dimensions;
    • methods and models for LR building, reuse, interlinking, maintenance, sharing, distribution, …;
    • harmonisation of formats and standards;
    • definition of evaluation and validation protocols and procedures;
    • methods for the automatic construction and processing of LRs.

Work in FLaReNet is inherently collaborative.

Different Working Groups are clustered around Thematic Areas and their activities are carried out through workshops, meetings, mailing and use of a collaborative Wiki platform.

By subscribing to the FLaReNet Web site you can join any Working Group you like and participate in its activities.

Expression of Interest in becoming Part of the Network

FLaReNet is bringing together leading experts of research institutions, academies, companies, consortia, associations, funding agencies, public and private bodies both at European and international level.

In order to initiate the process of establishing a stakeholders’ platform as pervasive as possible, the FLaReNet Steering Committee is inviting all interested players in the field to express their interest in becoming part of the Network.

Experts wishing to be part of the Network are invited to express their interest by filling in the form available in the project Web site.

Endorsement to Events fostering Language Resources

FLaReNet offers its endorsement to meetings, conferences and workshops fostering Language Resources.

Inquiries for details and requests for endorsement should be addressed to the FLaReNet Coordination Group.

The events currently endorsed can be found here.