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FLaReNet Blueprint Endorsement

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Endorse the FLaReNet Blueprint of Actions and Infrastructures!


The FLaReNet Blueprint of Actions and Infrastructures is organised along three main “directions”: Infrastructural Aspects, Research and Development, Political and Strategic Issues.
They reflect three major development directions that can boost or hinder the growth of the field of Language Resources and Technologies.
Infrastructural aspects regard all those issues related to the set up and functioning of an infrastructure for Language Resources, such as metadata, production models, archiving, standardisation, documentation, sharing, distribution, repackaging of LRs as well as set up and use of evaluation infrastructures.
R&D aspects are related to the development of new paradigms for the cost-effective production of high quality (new types of) Language Resources but also to the development and deployment of killer-applications to highlight the vital contribution of LRs.
Political and Strategic aspects regard the definition and implementation of long-term orientations to ensure the constitution of a joint European strategy on Language Resources shared by all countries, acting on multiple levels such as the consolidation of efficient infrastructures as designed by the community, the promotion of international cooperation, and securing adequate funding.
Altogether these directions are intended to contribute to the creation of a sustainable LRT ecosystem.
The following tables synthesize – for the three directions – the main challenges and the corresponding recommendations that have been elaborated during the second year of activity and that are briefly described in the rest of the document.
Please let us know your position on the endorsement of the FLaReNet Blueprint of Actions and Infrastructures here.