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What you think about the FLaReNet Launching Event?

This is the open forum for the FLaReNet Launching Event.
Users of the Web site, and especially participants of the event, are encouraged to express here their opinions, comments, suggestions etc. regarding the content of the event.
For example, take a look at the description of the different sessions of the event; each of them ends by proposing a short list of open questions; do you have any answer for some of them?
Consider also the more high level questions that have been proposed in the description of the event:

    • From the current state-of-play, how to progress? What are the promising diagnostics to determine advancements on our field? What are the obstacles that prevent it from full deployment?
    • What is the (big) change that could determine a major turning point in our field? / What kind of change could determine/trigger a major turning point in our field?